How To Monitor Your Kid’s Mobile Devices Very Easy

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How to keep an eye on your children’s smartphones? How to monitor your kid’s mobile devices easily without them knowing for sure! Parental control apps can help you retain control in a variety of ways. Web content filtering, app banning, time management, and location tracking are some of the most popular forms of monitoring. Below, we go into greater detail regarding these key characteristics. Here you can learn about the best IMEI trackers tools worldwide!

How To Monitor Your Kid's Mobile

How To Monitor Your Kid’s Mobile

Remember that some of the tools we highlight are only available for mobile devices, so they cannot track your child’s online activity on Macs or PCs. Check out our roundup of the top parental control programs if these platforms are your top worry.

The majority of parental control services function similarly. Every device you want to monitor requires the installation of a monitoring app, which you can control from a web-based desktop or a mobile app geared at parents. Any modifications you make on a gadget take effect right away. We value services that provide adaptable device management.

Platforms And Prices

The majority of parental control apps charge a yearly subscription fee based on the number of devices you monitor. Prices can go up to over $100 in some circumstances if you need 10 or more licenses and range from $10 to $30 for monitoring one or two devices. To use Circle Home Plus to the fullest extent, a hardware component and eventually a paid subscription are required. Nevertheless, there are a few outliers. While these restrictions do not apply to the premium edition, some services, like Locategy, have a freemium business model. Others, such as Norton Family and Kaspersky Safe Kids, do not limit the variety of devices you can watch.

Android typically has more robust parental control software compared to iOS because Apple restricts app permissions and device access. The majority of iPhone parental control apps require you to install an MDM profile for all of the functions (especially those about app management and time limitations) to work properly.

How To Monitor Your Kid's Mobile

Use Apple’s Screen Time tools for iOS device monitoring as they compete with standalone competitors’ for-pay services. The built-in (and free) solution from Apple uses an account-based system. This system manages data across all of a child’s Apple devices. Within the Restrictions tab of its primary settings app, Apple already offers a decent selection of choices. Different choices for restricting apps and web content. In our tutorial on how to monitor your kid’s mobile devices, we go into greater detail about the first-party parental management systems. The one provided by Microsoft (Family Safety) and Google (Family Link). Every game console’s parental control settings are also included in this feature.

Web Filtration

Any parental control program worth its salt will be able to keep youngsters from visiting improper or dangerous websites. A proprietary browser is frequently included with apps, which makes it simpler for the services to administer, track, and regulate browsing activities. Instead of trying to reverse-engineer support for every imaginable mobile browser, this makes more sense. As a result, the majority of these programs give you instructions on how to block every other browser or forbid your child from downloading any further apps.

Some parental control tools don’t require your kids to use a specific kind of browser. Instead, they use VPN technology to filter content by routing internet connections through a local app. The VPN icon will be visible when such a tool is running. This indicator does not imply that the device’s IP address is hidden or that the child’s connection is protected by a full-fledged virtual private network.

Monitor Your Kid's Mobile Devices

The majority of these browsers function similarly, preventing access to websites that fall into prohibited categories, including all of the worst offenders, like file-sharing, gambling, pornography, and violent content. The finest instances have no issue detecting HTTPS-encrypted traffic and denying access to proxies that anonymize data. Many software allows you to add particular criteria for certain unique domains, while some, like Net Nanny, let you design your custom web-filtering categories. Profanity can be blocked and Safe Search settings can be locked by others. From service to service, web history reporting quality varies.

Messaging, Time Restrictions, And App Surveillance

Most mobile parental control solutions excel at preventing kids from using particular apps, which is one area. This can be helpful for parents who want to stop their children from utilizing social networking apps, difficult-to-monitor messaging services, or browsers that bypass the set web filters. Nevertheless, it might be challenging to monitor each new app your youngster downloads. The services that automatically restrict new apps that your child installs until you expressly allow them, like Boomerang, are even better. Only the apps you want your child to be able to use can be whitelisted with Mobicip.

On iOS, app banning functions differently. If you’d like, you can restrict access to system applications like Siri, Camera, and Safari. Additionally, you can stop in-app purchases and disable the iTunes Store and App Store. Some parental control software even can remove app icons from the home screen, making it impossible for your child to access them.

A large percentage of parental control programs do not allow you to monitor calls, SMS, MMS, or encrypted messages. Apart from Apple’s ScreenTime feature, which we tried, Boomerang and Qustodio are the only solutions that let you monitor SMS messages and call data. You can disable secure messaging apps. You must sideload a customized version of the app if you want to use this feature, which is available only for Android devices and is not included in the app versions available on the Google Play store.

Monitor Your Kid's Mobile Devices

Reporting Of Location To Monitor Your Kid’s Mobile

Another significant element of parental control applications is time restrictions. Some programs, such as Norton Family and Locategy, let you set a schedule. The schedule is for when your child can use a device as well as the maximum number of hours. Time each day that they can spend doing so. You can define a total time allotment for your child that applies to every piece of hardware they use. Hardware to access the internet with Qustodio, as well as schedules for particular apps and device usage.

At the very least, a mobile parental control software should be able to track a child’s present location as well. Also as some past location information. To avoid inundating the parent with pointless information, they must provide some level of discretion over notifications. Surely, the frequency of location reporting too. These features are provided by Norton Family and Qustodio.

Some systems go a step further by allowing you to create geofences around a location, like Locategy and Boomerang. For those who are unaware, geofences are digital lines drawn around a physical site that allow parents to monitor when a child enters or exits. You can easily ensure a child remains where they are supposed to be throughout the day with Kaspersky Safe Kids because it even lets you add a dimension of time to a geofence. Other programs just produce a circle radius around a defined spot. Boomerang has a feature that enables you to design bespoke geofences on a map. You can track your child’s whereabouts directly on Android and iOS.

Talk To Your children

With the Drive Safety function and Drive History reports, Microsoft Family Safety subscribers with an active Microsoft 365 Family membership may keep an eye on their teen’s driving behavior. If the monitored person accelerated quickly or braked forcefully during their most recent driving session, the reports notify the Microsoft Family Safety team.

Someone Else Cell Phone

Even while parental control software provides an incredible number of capabilities, no solution is faultless. Your kids will probably be able to get past the restrictions you place on them. They can, by using unsupervised devices or by figuring out how to remove the restricting apps from their gadgets. As a result, it’s important to spend time explaining to your child. Please explain why you chose to use monitoring software in the first place.

Then again, everyone should be interested in learning about digital safety and security. Instead of letting them learn the truth on their own and losing trust in you, it is preferable to approach these situations honestly. It’s also crucial to listen to your child’s privacy concerns, especially if they are older, rather than just imposing guidelines that could come out as random. You learn much about how to monitor your kid’s mobile devices! If there is something that you want to ask about how to monitor your kid’s mobile, feel free to contact us!

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