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It’s more than easy today to unlock HTC 10 devices from any carrier worldwide! Did you know that you don’t have to use the same network service for 24 long months anymore? Did you know that you can unlock your SIM-locked HTC 10 Android smartphone for free and from the comfort of your own home? If you didn’t know about these things I think it is high time you learn all about them.

Unlock HTC 10 Code

Unlock HTC 10 Handset

The HTC 10 is a relatively new mobile phone device on the market, but it already has a large group of users and admirers. The users’ reviews are positive and upwards. S we recommend the HTC 10 for users of all age groups, literary. The HTC 10 can be an even better everyday companion in your daily routines. The SIM lock is a real deal-breaker on many occasions. It can make you throw the handset out of the window. But if you are restrained from doing that so far, you can endure the SIM lock torture a couple of minutes more. At least until you read this article.

The SIM card lock is a software program that you can activate only under certain circumstances. These circumstances would be when you don’t want to pay for the HTC 10 handset in cash and upfront, but when you want to split the price in 24-month installments. Doing this you oblige to be a faithful customer for at least 24 months to the carrier that agreed with you on the matter. The carrier then activates the lock on your HTC 10 and keeps the de-activator safe in their database. The unlock code for your HTC 10, or the de-activator as I referred to it earlier can be redeemed only if you can provide the IMEI code of your HTC 10 mobile phone device. With it the correct SIM unlock code will be provided and the SIM lock will be removed in an instance.

Locked HTC 10 Cell Phone

So, to sum up, the SIM lock, or else known as the network lock is artificially triggered network service restriction so that the user can use the mobile phone services of one network provider. To change the status of the mobile phone device of SIM lock to SIM unlocked the user has to purchase the SIM unlock code from the carrier, because they keep it in their database, or the user has to find an alternative solution to get to the one and only SIM unlock code in order to free the mobile phone device from the SIM card and network restrictions.

For your HTC 10 handset, the unlock HTC 10 code generator has the strategy to enter the carrier’s database for your mobile. Then it gets the SIM code for you. The tool will also require you to provide the IMEI code of the HTC 10 because there is no other way to know which of the millions go unlocking codes is the right choice and unlock solution for your HTC 10 cell phone device. If you manage to find the IMEI, and you will, then you have made it halfway through the unlock procedure.

The IMEI code often can consist of 15 numbers. The first time you will notice this code is on the box of your HTC 10 device. If you ever wondered what it is, it is the ID number of your phone. Without it, your cell phone device will be nonexistent. The IMEI contains many details that electronically reveal its identity.

HTC 10 Code Generator

Another way to find the IMEI is to dial *#60# of to search the menu of or HTC 10 Android smartphone. The IMEI is normally provided in the settings section- under general and then under the about phone sub-entry.
Once you have the IMEI code safely written on a piece of paper, the next step would be to check the stability and the speed of your internet connection. If the internet you will be using is stable enough you can proceed with no delay, but if the connection is not fair enough the unlocking may take a while longer than necessary.

As for the computer device where you will install the generator you don’t have to worry a bit. The unlock HTC 10 code generator is compatible with all computers and with all versions of operating systems that run on our computers today.

Knowing all that there is to know, let’s waste no more time and begin:

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Hit the downloading link to get the free as unlock HTC 10 code generator on your PC. To download the tool you can use the link posted on this article or article similar to this one or you can use the official webpage as a source.
  2. Finish with the standard installation procedure and open the tool when the installation of the tool’s drivers will be over.
  3. Connect your HTC 10 mobile phone device to your computer device with the USB cable so that the connection between the two devices is stable enough.
  4. Open the as unlock HTC 10 code generator software application tool and enter the most important details much needed for the SIM unlocking process to successes. These would be: the IMEI code of your HTC 10, the carrier whose lock your handset is bearing and the country where the device was initially bought from. In this section you must also enter a valid email address as there you will receive the SIM unlock code.
  5. Click on the option “unlock” so that you set in motion the most important procedure- entering the carrier’s database and retrieving the SIM network unlock code.
  6. Once the generator withdraw the code from the database you will get it.
  7. Enter the code in your HTC 10 and click “ok”.
  8. You can continue using the HTC 10 on the new SIM card.

Final Words

We support the network unlocking procedure by law ever since November 2006. So, if you ever doubt that the unlocking endeavor is too risky, don’t be. The law is on your side so you don’t have to worry that you are erring in any way.

The network unlock is rewarding from many aspects and that is why no one should pass the opportunity to unlock their Android smartphone, especially not when there is a free unlock tool like the software.

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