Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Tool

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Although the sound of it is a bit off-putting, the jailbreak process is the right option for all of you out there. The apple tv 4 jailbreak process helps you remove the restrictions that an Apple gadget has. These restrictions are due to the iOS operative system, but they are not something that cannot be fixed. Today we will speak about jailbreaking your Apple TV 4 device.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4

The Apple tv4 can be the perfect media center for your households and it can turn boring hours into spectacular moments. However, the Apple TV 4 comes with its own restrictions that should be removed by using the most appropriate software for the job, so that you can enjoy fully the features that this gadget has. One of the main restrictions and obstacles that many users of the Apple TV 4 found irritating is the one- streaming video. You cannot have more than one video streaming at a time only because your Apple TV 4 is locked in a way. If you perform the jailbreak procedure this Apple device will be able to stream more videos at once.

Another irritation point of the “locked” Apple TV 4 is that your options of watching videos are limited to the videos offered on iTunes. So, regardless if it is about a movie, a TV program, a sports match a concert, or whatever it is, you have to “consult” iTunes. You search the library of the iTunes app and get the video that you want to watch from there. Not to mention that most of the videos do not come for free and you will have to pay, although sometimes you do have to pay a little amount of money, even for the shortest video you would want to watch. The Apple TV 4 is a powerful device and can support video files that do not necessarily originate from iTunes’s library.

Jailbreak Apple TV 4

You can download and watch anything you like from as many different video sources on the internet as you may find, but not when your Apple TV 4 works on videos accredited by the Apple Company only. If you decide to perform the jailbreak operation on your Apple TV then things will gain a whole new perspective. You will be able to watch and even borrow videos for free; Then you can watch the latest movies TV shows and series. You wouldn’t have to wait for them to be uploaded to the iTunes library. Also, if you try to download a video from the Apple video library you will find the process extremely slow and dull. But with the jail-broken Apple TV, the downloading speed is zooming and any video file can be downloaded at least two times quicker when the Apple TV is jail-broken.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Procedure

The jailbreak process is a common process that many Apple users do all the time. It helps users have freer access to many apps and software application tools for free. The jailbreak process is free as it is so many users; once they find a trusting and reliable jailbreak source never miss the opportunity to get the job done and to move on with their lives but this time with better-working Apple devices. Before you start the jailbreak operation you need to know that you are not doing anything out of the ordinary.

If you already performed the jailbreak on one of your there Apple gadgets you probably already know that the jailbreak means gaining root access which will give you the chance to have control over the software and the hardware of your Apple TV 4. This is especially important because the Apple TV 4 is no ordinary TV set. It is a very complicated and fast-working computer that operates on an operating system based on iOS. The Apple TV is an amazing entertainment unit, which has a few generations already. It is particularly recommendable if you already have a passion for Apple products and already possess a few of the Apple tv 4 jailbreak gadgets.

It has a one-of-a-kind remote control and the voice control it features is not to be neglected either. The graphic card that this Apple entertainment unit has represents the most sophisticated video happening of the decade. You can discover and get to things that interest you in a split second, thanks to Siri, you can enjoy the beautiful interface of the Apple TV and you can have as many TV apps as you wish. The Apple TV 4 supports all sorts of video files, not only the video files prepared for you in the iTunes store.

How to perform the jailbreak process on your own?

You can watch any streaming HD video file even if it is in the MKV format tool. The Apple TV 4 can turn out to be a really affordable media center for anyone who will cost you no more than 100 $. For that price, you can get a software-restricted media center but you can easily make it available with the use of the best tool for a jailbreak. This way the Apple media unit can turn out to be three times cheaper than the HTCP, the Home Theatre PC, which at this point will cost something around 300 $. But remember, half of these things would never be possible if you don’t decide to perform the jailbreak procedure on your Apple TV 4 today.

All in all, the Apple TV 4 is an amazing piece of technology and if you decide to jailbreak its software you will gain a lot more for the money you invested in the Apple TV 4. Do you still think that the Apple TV 4 jailbreak is a great idea? Read this article and you will discover just how to perform the best free jailbreak ever known.

Before you start any procedure you need to make sure that you are ready to embark on that adventure. In this particular case, you need to make sure that you fulfill a few obligatory necessities. The Apple TV 4 jailbreak is a process with link to the iTunes app on your computer or other Apple device, it is crucial to check if the versions of the iTunes app you are using at the moment are the latest version.

If it isn’t, please update the iTunes on your Apple device. Another tip before you start the jailbreak is that you should better use a laptop where you will install the Apple TV 4 jailbreak tool because you can move the Laptop to and fro the Apple TV 4 whenever necessary. With the static PC, this would be a bit more difficult and can prove to be a bit of an obstacle at some point in the jailbreak operation.

Another thing you should check is your Apple TV remote control. Check the USB cable and of course the Apple jailbreak tool.

Full Instructions To A Successful Process

  1. Download the Jailbreak Apple TV 4 software application tool. Use one of the links dropped at the bottom of this article.
    Tip: you can download the Jailbreak Apple TV 4 software application tool on any PC, tablet, laptop, Mac, iPad etc.
    Tip 2: make sure you do have the newest version of the iTunes app. This is very important for the outcome of the jailbreak.
  2. Get the USB cable and connect the Apple TV to your computer. Once the connection is establishe, take another of your tools- the remote control.
  3. Press the HOME &MENU button of your Apple TV remote control. Keep the pressure for about ten seconds until the Apple TV enter the DFU mode.
  4. The iTunes will automatically open and it will immediately start downloading the IPSW mode.
    Tip: during this time keep your Apple TV disconnected from the power. Finish the IPSW CUSTOM MODE is downloading you can re-connect the Apple TV 4 to the power again.
  5. You will notice the install of the settings menu of the Apple 4 TV after the CUSTOM IPSW mode.
  6. Customize the settings of the Apple TV 4. Use the way you think is right and the way you need them to be.
    Tip: you don’t have to have your PC on whenever the Apple TV is on. These are two separate devices and can function perfectly on their own. Unlike the other media centers the Apple TV is less complicated and less demanding. That is why there is no need to turn on two devices, but the Apple TV only.
  7. Install the applications that are no longer available after the jailbreak procedure. Complete this only if you think you will need them in the future.
  8. Now you have finished the dreaded task of Apple TV 4 jailbreak.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Benefits

Although you probably have created an image of what the possible benefits of the Apple TV jailbreak might be! That is not all, believe me. The positive sides of this simple and free process are endless. I will point out only the most obvious ones.

  • Adjustment : When your Apple TV 4 unrestricted you can freely customize the menu of the Apple TV as you wish. You can approve some contents and you can make others invisible. You can add pictures in a slideshow you can pick the update priorities and much more.
  • APPLICATIONS : When you perform the jailbreak on your Apple TV 4 jailbreak device you will gain immediate access to enormous amount of media apps and media items. You can freely drop off your cable TV. Well, you will have more than enough to watch on your unrestricted Apple TV 4 gadget. Then you can even use the Airplay. You will be able to immediately watch any content you wish without delays of unstable streaming of the video. You can watch the contents from many worldly famous TV channels. They are ABC, A&E, MTV, NBA, CBS, Hulu and much more.
  • Unlimited access : The jail-broken Apple TV 4 gadget has many positive sides. One of which is the unlimited access to many apps and tools. For example, the Apple TV 4 can now have access to the XBMX portal from where you can draw more than just a video content. You can use the XBMX portal to perform many different tasks like customizing the themes and the plug-in-ins.
  • Run the TV flash after you perform the jailbreak. Obviously this option can only be available if your Apple TV 4 has undergone the jail breaking procedure. With the TV flash option you don’t have to set up the various tools and apps you have installed. Also, you don’t have to deal with the plug-ins or the other settings on your Apple gadget. You can simply run the TV flash for only 29 $. Pay only if you don’t think you have time for the free version. The TV flash can help with the maintenance of the Apple TV. All because it can produce diverse back up tools so that the files you get are alwas available for you.
Final words

The remote HD application: You can now install the remote HD application on your Apple TV 4 set. This was not possible, or rather it was unthinkable before the jailbreak operation. In this situation as well the jailbreak comes to the rescue. Thanks to this application, which you can now fully use, you can control all that is going on your Apple TV with your iPhone device or even your iPad.

Web browsing is totally normal for all users who performed the jailbreak on their Apple TV 4 devices. You have everything that it takes to install the internet browser known as the Web Kit. With this browser, you can see the internet content that interests you on a 55” widescreen.

As you could conclude on your own, the jailbreak procedure is not at all complicated but offers so many opportunities. With the jailbreak, you would never be able to feel proud to own an Apple TV 4 because that way it wouldn’t differ much from the other home media centers.

If you need any help with the jailbreak process don’t hold back. Leave a comment in the comments section! We will answer your question as quickly as possible.

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