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Take the fake text message generator software from our web page for free if you want to produce unlimited fake text messages! This software can help you about this issue on which you think for a while. The service offer a lot of options that you can customize for your own needs. The generator is capable to:

  • Produce different messages for different conveniences
  • Produce and sent messages as replay on received mail or SMS messages

So if you decide to use this fake text message generator you can use it according to your needs. You can select the best message that will blow the mind on your friends, girlfriend, boyfriend or family, or you can use it like fake secretary that will respond to your possible users.

Bellow you have guide how to get and use this software completely freely.

Fake Text Message Generator

To get this version from fake text message generator you need to download it directly from our website. The tool is one hundred percent safe from viruses that can make some harm processes on your PC. Therefore don’t be afraid to get this tool now.

Once you will complete the downloading procedure you should install this program by hitting the install button. This part from this process is very easy so any user can make it by himself. Then to use it properly please meet the steps bellow:

  • Open the fake text message generator on your PC,
  • Then select your wished operation,
  • If you use it like a secretary then set the returning mail or fake SMS phone number,
  • At the end press on the SET button!

Then you have your workable fake text message generator that will follow your command. If you use it like a secretary then on the generator platform you will have live statistic about all send messages from the tool!

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