How to Track an Android Phone When It’s Offline?

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Learn all about how to track an Android phone when it’s offline! The method that you can find here on this page works on any cell phone that runs any Android operative system version. No matter how cautious you are with your smartphone, some people have to endure the awful experience of losing their mobile devices. This happens even to the best of us. Whether it occurs after you unluckily ran into a skilled pickpocket or a raucous night out with friends. It is always a drag to reach out for your smartphone only to come up empty. Luckily for Android phone users, there is an array of mobile applications and programs that are specifically developed to track down and locate a lost or stolen cell phone.

How To Track An Android Phone

Most of these apps use GPS technology and mobile data/Wi-Fi to pinpoint the location of a phone. But how can you locate an Android phone when it’s offline or fails to establish an internet connection? Well, don’t burst into tears just yet. There is still hope for your digital friend to find its way back to you! You can quickly locate your missing cell phone with Xnspy a cell phone spyware for android devices. Let’s jump in to find out how you can get your hands on your missing device when it’s offline:


How to Track the Location of a Missing Phone with Xnspy if There is No Internet Connection?

Though Xnspy also needs a working internet connection for its GPS location tracking feature to work, there are few exceptions to this rule. The advanced monitoring app will still record all the visited locations even if there is no internet connection on the Android device. But, the visited locations data will only be available to you when the phone connects to the internet.

What Does Xnspy Offer?

By spying on Android phones with Xnspy, you can remotely trace the location of a cell phone and even check all the places it has been to from anywhere at any time. Here is what you can uncover with this software:

  • View the current location of a lost or missing cell phone.
  • See the location history to check all the places pickpocket has been to.
  • Check the time and date of all the visited places.
  • Find out the street address, longitude, and latitude of each location.

Can You Track the Location of a Missing in Real-Time Using Xnspy?

The cell phone spyware for Android has the capability to highlight the exact location of the missing phone on the map in real-time if the device establishes a strong internet connection. Xnspy registers a new location as soon as the device is displaced. If the missing phone isn’t moving, the tracking will only show a single location stamp.

How Accurate or Reliable Is The Information?

The app for spying on Android phones uses GPS technology on the phone to track down its location, which means the software provides reliable information to the users. But, you need to make sure the location services are enabled on the monitored device.

What to Do If You Haven’t Installed a Recovery App?

If you haven’t installed a monitoring app on your phone and lost hope of finding it, then call your wireless carrier and inform them that you have lost your device. There are four major phone carriers in the US and all of them have options to find and track missing devices that are connected to an account.

Verizon Family Locator: The prominent cellular firm allows users to locate their family members by receiving automatic updates. Users can create ‘hotspots’ to receive instant notifications when their family members depart or arrive from the designated areas.

AT&T FamilyMap: Besides tracking the whereabouts of your phone, the carrier can let you see the location history of the device. You can also avail of the service to receive an alert if the phone leaves a specific zone.

T-Mobile FamilyWhere: The T-Mobile FamilyWhere app can be downloaded on an Android device. It sends you real-time updates of your loved one’s locations. In addition, the mobile application lets you schedule automatic location updates.

Sprint Family Locator: Unlike others, Sprint offers its users a suite of apps called Guardian. This suite includes Sprint Family Locator that lets you find your loved ones and receive updates of their location automatically all through the day.

Bear in mind, these family locator services will cost you more than cell phone spyware for Android. For instance, Verizon will charge you $9.99 a month for acquiring these services. Furthermore, data charges may apply for downloading Family Locator app and locating activity. In contrast, spy apps will offer you the same services (in fact, more) for a small fee.

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