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The IMEI changer root is absolutely the must-have tool for your IMEI change. You don’t have to create a profile and log in to be able to use it. So you don’t have to share any of your personal details if you’re not feeling comfortable with it. You simply download the IMEI changer root on your computer or laptop and work from there.

IMEI Changer Root

The preparation for the IMEI changing procedure should include these steps:

  • Dial *#60* form your cell phone device to discover your IMEI code. Make a screen shot of it or write the code down somewhere.
  • Get the IMEI Changer Root downloaded and installed on the device of your choosing.

IMEI Changer Root

When you do this you are absolutely ready to move on to the second phase of the IMEI change. Have in mind that the first two steps will take you no more than 10 minutes with the download and the installation included.

So, the second part of the rules you must follow is this:

  • Open the rooting software by clicking two times on it.
  • Enter the IMEI code you found in the first part of the procedure.
  • Enter a valid gmail address where you want to receive the new IMEI.
  • Click “change”.

The tool will do its work by calculating and combining the 15 digits that will compose your new IMEI code. The new IMEI will be as unique and valid as your original one so the change will not alert the carrier from where the device was bought from.

After the IMEI code is finally changed you can dial *#60* one more time and you will see your new IMEI now instead of your old one. With this change not only will you manage to alter the IMEI code, but you will also succeed to remove the SIM lock off of it.

So, I dare say that the IMEI changer root is absolutely worth it for so many reasons, not just one. That’s why it would be a complete waste to miss out on this opportunity. So why not get the software today!

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    Iphone 11 pro max

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