The Samsung IMEI change tool is a new piece of software that can assist you in determining how to change the IMEI number on any Samsung device that has this factory-issued registration number. Our software professionals used technology to create this software application for Samsung cell phones. There are many Samsung smartphones on the market now that require you to enter a new IMEI number in order to be free of any constraints.

Samsung IMEI Change Tool

Benefits of Samsung IMEI Change Process

There are many advantages to using this service. Thanks to this program, you can easily use any stolen or lost mobile or which uses this particular number and by using the changer app, you can effectively eliminate all carrier restrictions. What’s more, once you’ve completed the Samsung IMEI number change operation, your handset will function with any sim card from any carrier in the world without requiring an unlock code or causing any other issues.

As a result, you now have a great opportunity to clear your device of all troubles from the past.

You must know your IMEI Number to use the Samsung IMEI Change tool!

You must know your device’s IMEI number in order to utilize the IMEI number changer. The simplest way to locate your IMEI (international mobile station equipment identity) number is to dial *#06#, which will open a new window on your device’s screen with your IMEI number displayed. The number can be found on the original box or you can call your carrier.

Samsung IMEI Change

Samsung IMEI Change Tool

Our IMEI converter tool is both a calculator and a generator in one. The app can calculate your old IMEI number and generate a new one for you. This service can perform calculations for all locations where your old IMEI number has previously been recorded, as well as update calculations to remove the old and replace it with the new. This is critical for your device’s survival.

The procedure of updating the database will prevent you from certain potential troubles in the future. With your IMEI number as support, the tool has the ability to read your device’s information directly. To utilize this software solution service, connect your device with the IMEI number you want to charge via USB cable to your computer, where you will use our online Samsung IMEI change application.

By clicking the change button below, you can download the Samsung IMEI change software to your computer (the tool is compatible with any Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system):

Follow Step By Step

  • Connect your Samsung device to your PC through a USB cable,
  • Then open the software with a left double click,
  • Also, pick your device’s Samsung model,
  • Finally, fill in the IMEI number that has to be changed,
  • Furthermore, click the create button.
  • Then, after reading our terms of service, press the START button.
  • Wait 30-40 seconds and then finish the human verification process (please use your real information in this procedure),
  • After passing the verification procedure, a new window will open with your new IMEI number.
  • Disconnect your device from your computer and input *#06# to check your new IMEI number, which is now loaded directly on your device.
  • Finally, you updated your IMEI number!
Samsung Galaxy A Series

Models that the tool support to answer the question about how to change IMEI number:

Samsung Galaxy A Series

  • A13 5G
  • A03
  • A03 Core
  • A03s
  • A52s 5G
  • A12
  • A22 5G
  • A22
  • A72
  • A52 5G
  • A32
  • A32 5G
  • A12
  • A02
  • A42 5G
  • A51 5G UW
  • A01 Core
  • A71 5G UW
  • A21s
  • A Quantum
  • A71 5G
  • A51 5G
  • A21
  • A31
  • A41
  • A11
  • A01
  • A71
  • A51
  • A70s
  • A20s
  • A90 5G
  • A30s
  • A50s
  • A10s
  • A10e
  • A2 Core
  • A80
  • A70
  • A60
  • A50
  • A40
  • A30
  • A20e
  • A20
  • A10
  • A8s
  • A6s
  • A9
  • A7
  • A6+
  • A6
  • A8
  • A8+
  • A7
  • A5
  • A3
  • A8 Duos
Samsung Galaxy M Series

Samsung Galaxy M Series

  • M52 5G
  • M22
  • M32 5G
  • M21 2021
  • M42 5G
  • M12
  • M02s
  • M02
  • M31 Prime
  • M51
  • M31s
  • M01s
  • M01 Core
  • M01
  • M11
  • M31
  • M30s
  • M10s
  • M40
  • M30
  • M20
  • M10
Samsung Galaxy S Series IMEI Change

Samsung Galaxy S Series

  • S21 FE 5G
  • S20 FE 5G
  • S20Ultra
  • S20+ 5G
  • S20Ultra 5G
  • S20+
  • S20
  • S205G
  • S10 5G
  • S20 5G UW
  • S10e
  • S10+
  • S10 5G
  • S9+
  • S9
  • S8+
  • S8
  • S7
  • S7 edge
  • S6 edge+ duos
  • S6 edge
  • S5 Neo
  • S4 mini
  • S6
  • S6 duos
  • S5 Plus
  • S5 mini
  • Light Luxury
Samsung Galaxy F Series

Samsung Galaxy F Series

  • F22
  • F12
  • F52 5G
  • F41
  • F42 5G
  • F02s
  • F62
Samsung Galaxy Tab Series

Samsung Galaxy Tab Series

  • A8 10.5
  • A7 Lite
  • A7 10.4
  • S7+
  • S7
  • S6 Lite
  • A 8.4
  • S6 5G
  • Active Pro
  • S6
  • A 8.0
  • A 10.1
  • S5e
  • A 8.0 & S Pen
  • S3 9.7
  • A 7.0
  • S2 9.7
  • S2 8.0
  • E 9.6
  • A 9.7
  • Advanced 2
Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Samsung Galaxy Note Series

  • Note20
  • Note20 Ultra
  • Note 20 5G
  • Note10 Lite
  • Note 10+ 5G
  • Note10 +
  • Note10+ 5G
  • Note9
  • Note FE
  • Note8
  • Note7
  • Note 5
  • Note5 Duos
  • Note 5

Different Series Models

  • Z Fold3
  • Z Flip3
  • Quantum 2
  • Xcover 5
  • Z Flip 5G
  • Z Flip
  • Xcover FieldPro
  • Fold
  • Fold 5G
  • Xcover 4s
  • Folder 2
  • Xcover 4
  • Z3 Corporate
  • Xcover 3 G389F
  • Expres Prime
  • View
  • Z3
  • On5
  • On7
  • Z2
  • C9 Pro
  • C10
  • Grand Prime Plus
  • J2
  • J3
  • J3 Prime
  • J1 mini Prime
  • J5
  • J7 max
  • J7V
  • J7 Duo
  • J2 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Z Series

We recommend you to check the lists above very carefully. Consider that you can use our Samsung IMEI change tool if you successfully locate the model in some of the lists above. Then follow the guide step by step and you can complete the whole changing IMEI process! Feel free to write a comment below and you will receive the tool!

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