Unlock HTC Phone Online For Free Via Generator

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Here you will get an answer on how to unlock your HTC phone online from your computer using our original code generator tool. This tool is available for free downloading from any part of this world.

Unlock HTC Phone

The unlocking process is so simple that any HTC user can make it successfully from the start to the end.

How To Unlock HTC Phone By Generator

Once you have the HTC cell phone and your computer with a good internet connection you can start with downloading our generator.

Then install this software that you get in the downloading process on your PC. Connect your HTC phone with your computer via USB cable and you can start completing the following steps:

  • Open the code generator
  • Then select the unlock option because the generator will ask you do you want unlock or root option
  • After that simple wait some time not longer than four minutes
  • You will get message “Your phone is successfully unlocked” on your computer
  • It’s time to put new SIM card in your HTC phone


The unlock HTC phone procedure from this website provide many advantages:

  • Here you get free solution how to unlock HTC
  • No one will know that you unlock your HTC phone without your carrier consent
  • You can use any SIM card from any carrier after this unlocking procedure
  • So this means no more roaming services when you travel in some other country
  • You can use the same generator on any HTC model

All these advantages make this tool the best on the internet. The tool can retrieve the original code directly from the code’s database.

Please just once you finish this how-to unlock HTC phone process successfully don’t forget to share our news with all of your friends with the same problem. Good luck people, and feel free to solve your issue with the help of our team!

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