How To Import Contacts From Gmail To iPhone

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This post is all about how to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone. Let’s say that you already have your contacts in your Gmail account, and now you want to send them to your new Apple device. Here you will learn how to do that very easy.

Gmail To iPhone

How Do You Transfer Gmail Contacts To Your iPhone

The vast majority of my contacts are saved in Gmail. I used to have a hard time importing Google contacts on my iPhone. I tried a few approaches, but I kept running into issues and errors:

  • My iPhone contacts aren’t syncing with Google for some reason.
  • My Gmail account has abruptly ceased syncing.
  • After transferring Gmail contacts to iPhone, there is no data left.

Don’t worry; it turns out that I can sync Google contacts with my iPhone in minutes with only one tool! This simple tutorial will show you how to use CopyTrans Contacts to move Google contacts to your iPhone.

With our text guide and YouTube instructional, you’ll be able to get the hang of it in no time:

How To Transfer Contacts From Gmail To iPhone

Google Contacts To iPhone Import

Where can I find Google contacts?

  • To find Google contacts, sign in to your Google account using any browser and go to Contacts: Google.
    Contacts from Google 1.
  • So, how do you obtain contacts from Gmail now? Easy! Select “vCard” from the “More” > “Export” menu on the left-hand panel. To save Google Contacts to a computer, choose “Export.”
  • Download the “contacts. vcf” file and save it to your computer. All of your Gmail contacts are in this file.
  • Now you may sync your Google Contacts with your iPhone. CopyTrans Contacts can be downloaded and installed here:
  • Start the application and connect your iPhone. Wait for the software to finish loading your data.
  • You’re now ready to start importing contacts from Gmail. Tap “Import contacts” in the main software window to – you guessed it – import Google contacts to the iPhone. Choose “From a file (all contact formats)” from the drop-down menu:
  • Select “Open” and navigate to the location where you saved the *.vcf file with Google contacts:
  • That’s how you may backup Google contacts to your iPhone and PC. Simply locate all of your Google contacts that are already on your iPhone!
Transfer Contacts From Gmail To iPhone

Now you know all about how to import contacts from Gmail to iPhone!

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