How To Unlock The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat Easy

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Can you unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat easily? With a ton of fashionable filters and lenses and disappearing pictures, Snapchat is a well-liked app. Many people still have trouble using Snapchat’s lenses and filters, especially if they are brand-new. The Butterflies lens on Snapchat is one of the many options available, and it has completely taken over the social media network. So how can you access the Snapchat lens for butterflies that you see practically everyone using?

How To Unlock The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat

You can search for and unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat using the lens studio, ask a friend to send you the link, or just scan the snapcode image by looking for it on Google or Pinterest.

Want to know what it takes to activate the Snapchat butterflies lens? You are in the proper location! Just make certain that you follow through with us through to the end and don’t skip any steps.

What Does This Tools Do

Users of Snapchat can include butterflies in their images and videos by using the butterfly lens. In addition to having butterfly hues, this filter also includes tiny butterflies flying all about you. You must first unlock the butterfly filter on Snapchat to use it. Please read the entire blog post if you’re wondering how to unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat.

Unlock The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat

Users of Snapchat can design their own Snapchat filters, lenses, effects, and other features, which they can then use on their images and videos.

I’ll walk you through each of the five ways to unlock Snapchat’s butterfly lens in this article.

Use A Snapchat Lens Link To Unlock The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat

Using a Snapchat lens link is the first way we’ll discuss unlocking the butterfly lens on Snapchat. Here are the steps to follow to use a Snapchat lens link to unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat:

  1. Open the Snapchat app first. Start the unlock Snapchat process. If you haven’t already, log in to your account by providing your login information.
  2. Chat with a friend in step two. Talk to a friend who has already used the butterflies lens after that.
  3. Request their sharing of the butterfly lens and request the use of the butterfly lens from them. They can: Go to the Snapchat lenses section and choose the butterflies lens. Then, click the lens’ name and then “Send To.” To email it to you, simply tap on your name.
  4. Select the lens. Then click the lens name to bring up a camera page that includes the lens. When the “Unlock for 48 Hours” option appears on the screen, select it.
  5. Test and try out the butterflies lens. Test out the butterfly lens last. Take as many images and movies as your heart desires!
Snapchat Lens

Scan A Snapcode Image To Activate The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat

By scanning a Snapcode image, you can unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat using the second strategy I provide. What you need to do is as follows:

  1. Open the Snapchat app first. Start by opening the Snapchat app and logging in to your account with the login information.
  2. Find a butterfly snapcode in step two. Discover a butterfly Snapcode next. You can perform a Google, Pinterest, or another search for it using a different device.
  3. Launch Snapchat’s camera. Open the Snapchat camera once you’ve located a butterfly lens.
  4. Hold down the screen button while tapping to scan the snapcode image. Put the butterfly snapcode in front of your Snapchat camera. To get Snapchat to scan the Snapcode image, tap the screen once and hold it still. You can tap on the “Scan” symbol at the bottom of your screen if it doesn’t work.

You can enjoy utilizing the specific butterfly lens after the scanning is finished.

Use The Snapchat Snap You See To Unlock The Butterflies Lens

Any snap that employs this filter can also be used to unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat. You can do the following to unlock the Snapchat butterflies lens from snaps you see:

  1. Open the Snapchat application. Launch the Snapchat app first, then sign into your account.
  2. Locate a photo with a butterfly lens. Then look for a picture or a tale that incorporates a butterfly lens.
  3. Tap the lens icon. The pop-up menu will appear once you tap on the lens icon at the bottom of the picture.
  4. Click the name of the lens. You can browse the camera page with the lens by tapping on its name under the lens.
  5. Try out the lens. Enjoy using the lens on your photos and movies, and then.

Access The Studio

Additionally, the Snapchat lens studio’s lens studio allows you to unlock the butterfly lens. These Snapchat lenses are entirely unique and are available for free online. All you have to do to unlock the lens is:

  1. Open the Snapchat app first. Open the Snapchat app and sign into your account first.
  2. Go to the camera page in step two. Then visit the camera page, where a smiley icon can be found.
  3. Select the smiley icon. You can see various lenses at the bottom of your screen if you tap the smiley icon.
  4. Click on explore. To find the lens for butterflies, you can either browse the lenses. If you still can’t find it, select “Explore.”
  5. Find the “Butterflies Lens”. Next, enter “Butterflies Lens” into the search box to find the lens you want.
  6. Touch the lens. You can choose from a variety of butterfly lenses by viewing them here. Select your favorite, then begin recording.

This is how you use Snapchat’s lens studio to unlock the butterfly lens.

Unlock The Butterflies Lens On Snapchat

Use Your Camera Roll

Last but not least, I have another way for you to unlock the butterfly Snapchat lens, which involves using the camera roll on your phone. But keep in mind! This technique is exclusive to iPhones. The steps below must be followed to unlock the butterfly lens on Snapchat from your camera roll:

  1. Find a Snapcode of a butterfly lens as the first step. Locate a snapcode of the butterfly lens first.
  2. Save it on your camera roll in step two. Your camera roll will then receive the picture.
  3. Launch Snapchat. Open Snapchat next. Enter your login information to log in to your account.
  4. Select a Bitmoji. When the camera page has loaded, tap on your Bitmoji to access your profile page.
  5. Tap the gear icon. The settings section will then open after you tap the gear symbol.
  6. Select “Snapcodes”. After that, select “Snapcodes” by swiping down.
  7. Select “Scan From Camera Roll”. A new page will be opened for you. Select “Scan from Camera Roll” by tapping here.
  8. Click the Snapcode for the butterflies lens. Your camera roll will then become visible. Click the snapcode of the butterfly lens.
  9. Go to the camera page once Snapchat has scanned the image, and go to the camera page to see the lens you selected.
  10. Test the lens!

Finally, take pleasure in recording with the butterfly lens.

How Can You Find A Disappearing Ones

By setting the date on your phone to the day you were using the missing Snapchat lens, you can try to locate it. However, if this approach fails, you must realize that the filter or lens may have been erased. You can attempt the techniques I’ve listed for you in the section below in this situation.

If none of these approaches work, ask Snapchat support about the lens if you know its name or link. You can unlock either new or old Snapchat lenses in this method.

Unlock Snapchat Butterflies Lens

How Can You Get More Then One

You can browse through Snapchat’s lens studio to find additional lens alternatives, or you can look up a lens’ snapcode on Google or Pinterest. I’ve included four ways for you to get more Snapchat lenses below.

The first approach is to add more lenses to the Snapchat Lens Explorer. You don’t need to travel very far to find more lenses for Snapchat. All of the Snapchat filters are available directly through the app.

Of course, Snapchat still has all of its original filters, although you might occasionally see them available. You must use Snapchat Explorer to look for the lenses to do it.

Start by opening Snapchat, going to the camera page, and then searching for new lenses on Snapchat Explorer. Search for the lens you want to try and unlock by tapping the smiley icon, the explore icon, and then the smiley again.

Access the lens links on the Snapchat website! You can also get connections to additional lenses by going to the Snapchat website. Simply go to the lens website to search for more lenses, and you’ll find all the popular lenses and filters there. These websites will then take you to the Snapchat website’s original lens URL.

Simply search for lens snapcodes on Google! This is another straightforward technique. Simply go to the Google Image Search website, search for Snapchat lenses, and then scan the snapcode photos to receive more lenses. You can obtain more lenses with this method.


Browse Pinterest for Lens snapcodes! To locate more Snapchat lenses, you can also search for lens snapcodes on Pinterest. Visit the Pinterest website and type “Snapchat lenses” to unlock more lenses. There are many lens snapcodes available here for you to pick from. Enjoy using the ones you like scanning!

To Conclude

To unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat, I came up with the methods that are all described above. You have the option of using Snapchat’s lens studio or even scanning the snapcode for the lens that is located on Google or Pinterest. So you might also request that your friends provide you with the URL to the Butterflies Lens so you can unlock it there. You are entirely free to decide!

How enlightening did you find our article? Post a comment below and describe your experience! Any opinions you may have on this matter would be appreciated. You can write us using the comment section at the bottom of this page!

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