How To Solve Storage Space Running Out And Poor Battery Life

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The main purpose of this post is to answer how to solve storage space running out and poor battery life problems. You will learn how to improve your mobile phone using the solutions from our website!

How To Solve Storage Space Running Out

How To Solve Storage Space Running Out

Low storage capacity on mobile devices continues to be one of the most prevalent issues users encounter. No matter how much storage space your phone has, whether it has 128GB or more, it will eventually run out of room if you store a lot of data on it.

The answer is that, in the modern era, you essentially don’t need to store anything on your phone, much less use up all of the storage space. You can live contentedly even with only 32GB of storage or less if you don’t care about the annoying “Storage space running out” messages.

You should first run a Files by Google app scan on your smartphone from the Play Store. The software informs you of anything using up phone storage and aids in their easy removal. You should also remove all unnecessary apps, videos, and other data from your device.

Solve Storage Space Running Out

Continue by using Google Photographs to backup your photos (and videos) in the cloud. You can then delete the large local files to save storage space. Not only that but all of your devices with your Google account signed in sync with your photographs (and movies) in the cloud forever.

To relieve the strain on your phone’s capacity, you can think about moving your items to the SD card. Of all, many smartphones will still have expandable storage in 2022.

How To Solve Poor Battery life

How To Solve Poor Battery life

We must highlight how lovely it is to go an entire day without getting annoyed by the low battery indicator. It all comes down to how you use your phone, particularly the screen and any subsequent activities, even though your battery specifications have more to do with having outstanding battery life.
Reduce the screen’s brightness first. Swiping down twice from the top of your phone screen should reveal the brightness slider under Quick Settings.

The faster your phone’s battery drains, the brighter the screen. Additionally, you can turn on Adaptive Brightness if you don’t want to constantly alter the brightness in different lighting situations. that dynamically adjusts screen brightness based on the ambient lighting in your space. The Adaptive Brightness (A) is accessible through Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness or next to the brightness slider. Reduce your screen timeout immediately to make sure your display isn’t consuming more battery power when it’s not in use.

Solve Poor Battery Life

Furthermore, putting on Dark Theme is another effective approach to lower how much power your screen needs if your phone has an AMOLED display like the TECNO PHANTOM X and it runs Android 10 and higher. Finally, keep in mind these additional 15 techniques to extend the life of your phone battery if it is still running low quickly. Or, even better, you can see if the battery in your phone needs to be changed.

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