How To Complete Apple Watch Serial Number Check

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Do you want to know how to complete Apple watch serial number check procedure! For reference and future requests, each Apple device is assigned a unique identification number. A serial number is a 12-digit Alphanumeric code, and I’ll show you where you can acquire your Apple Watch serial number quickly when you need it. It also aids in the comprehension of gadget model number, manufacturer location, year, and other information.

Apple Watch Serial Number Check

Apple Watch Serial Number Check

If you have a problem with your device, you can quickly send a request to Apple via the Apple Support Center and an easy-to-understand chat manager using your serial number as a reference.
Apple Watch Serial Number can be obtained in a variety of methods.

It’s fine if you buy a new Apple Watch from the Apple store, the Apple website, or an authorized retailer. If we acquire from a reseller, an unlicensed vendor, or an online shopping website, we must check device cross-verification before using it.

You may look up the Apple Watch serial number printed in many places (Backside of the Box, the backside of Apple watch, Software about info).

The First Method Is To Check In With Your Apple Watch

This method is useful for determining whether or not an Apple watch serial number has been stolen. We can find out the Serial number of an Apple watch that was previously associated with an iPhone at any moment.

Apple Serial
  • On an iPhone, open the Watch App. Then tap on the My Watch tab, then General, then About, and then Serial number.
  • On an Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown button. Then open the Apple Watch settings app. Go to General > About > Scroll down to the serial number label and code.

This is the simplest way to complete Apple watch serial number check for sure!

Look It Up On Your iPhone

Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Then tab “My Watch” > “General” > “My Watch” > “My Watch”. See the Apple Watch box for more information.

Method #3

Less effective, but perfect confirmation that the box should be checked. The model’s full description, size, color, barcode, and serial number may all be found on the backside of the box.

Examine The Apple Watch’s Body

The serial number may be found on the backside of the Apple Watch 1st generation face.
Print is now available inside the apple watch band slot on the 2nd generation Series 1 and Series 2.

Apple Watch Serial

Remove The Watchband And Inspect The Slot

The first three characters identify the location code. Then one character offers the manufacturer’s year. One character gives the manufacturer week. Three characters assign the product code, and the last four characters give the Apple watch model. By simply entering your Apple Watch serial number, you can now check the purchase date. Finally, you can also check accessible services, and Support coverage at any time.

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