How To Change IMEI On Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra And Plus

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It’s interesting how easy it is to remove some complicated issues from your cell phone if you just know how to change IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S20. You can get an answer to this question here whether you have a basic S20 version, S20 Ultra or S20 Plus. This method covers all three.

The most popular mobile phone at this time is a few steps ahead of all its competitors. It is ahead of even the latest phone versions of its biggest rival – the iPhone.

S20 Specifications


151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9 mm


163 g


6.2 inches


1440 x 3200 pixels, 20:9 ratio

Operating System

Android 10.0




128 GB, 8 GB

Main Camera

12 MP

Selfie Camera

10 MP


FM Radio


Fingerprint, Accelerometer, Gyro, Proximity, Compass, Barometer


Non-removable Li-Po 4000mAh, fast charging 25 W

It is a huge disappointment when you can’t use such a great device with all its possibilities. Depending on how you purchased the phone you can go through a series of inconveniences.


We know that many of you who have Samsung Galaxy S20 (regular, ultra or plus) can’t use it because it is blacklisted. This is probably the worst situation in which such a device can be found. Most of these phones are without any problem with hardware or software but new users can not use them at all.

Change IMEI On Samsung Galaxy S20

A bitter problem with this gadget is also the unlock that you need to do to connect the phone to a SIM card that is not from your primary mobile provider. Most of the users around the world have a complicated obligation to use the phone for one to two years without the possibility of change.

Unlocking a Bootloader is something that every better-informed user wants to implement on their device. Improving accessibility, cutting real costs and moving restrictions all in one move.

IMEI Number Change On Samsung Galaxy S20

Why does every user need to know how to change IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S20? Very important question! Why – a simple answer – every user can remove the main three problems that we pointed above with one process that is very simple.

We all know that every cell phone has its own unique IMEI number. The point of changing this number is the same as when you format a computer – you lose all secondary programs, files, apps, photos, etc. Changing the IMEI on Galaxy S20 is similar, but with this change, your phone will throw away all unnecessary things and keep your personal information, pictures, and apps.

How to complete this change on your phone? Follow the guide below:

  • Open the Samsung Galaxy S20 IMEI change tool on your computer (whether it’s Windows, MAC or Linux),
  • Connect your phone with your computer with a USB connection,
  • Wait for the tool to “recognize” your phone,
  • When the light in the upper right corner turns green, press the “change” button.

After you execute the last command you have to wait five to ten minutes to implement the IMEI change. In the end, you will get a notification on the screen that says “please restart your device”. Then restart the phone and one your turn it on again check your device’s new IMEI number.

Anyone interested in implementing this procedure check out our main page where you can get the tool.

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    Please what is the first numbers of s20 plus imei

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    Where can I download this tool from? your website is just a bunch of click bait leading through all your posts but you dont actually have the software???

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