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Today you can use another free generator for making a fake SMS receiver that allows you to pass issues that are contained with this service. This generator is capable to produce fake SMS receivers that you can use online for any reason.

Free Fake SMS Receiver

The generator sends SMS messages to all users that will send SMS to this receiver for the successfully received message.

The receiver is one hundred percent convincing for all users. No one will ever suspect this SMS number receiver’s truthfulness. Therefore we strongly recommend you to use this fake SMS receiver for your work, joke, or some other reason. Remember that only in this promotion you can get it for free on your PC.

The free version that you will get you can install online if you need it for some reason too! Learn how to use this service below in this post:

Fake SMS Receiver

In this guide below you will understand how to use the free fake SMS receiver from your home on your personal computer that is internet-connected:

  • Download the receiver generator on your PC device,
  • Then go through the installation procedure that will take you only a minute from your time,
  • After that open the program on your desktop and start the setting procedure for your needs,
  • Firstly you will have to set responding message that any sender will receive on his cell phone once he send message to the SMS receiver number that you will generate,
  • Then press the generate button to get your fake SMS receiver phone number that you can start use it once you get it on your screen in front of you.

It’s only your job to test the receiver that you will get. How you can do that? Simple send SMS message to the number that you get and you will see that you will get the first message that you already set in the process above!

The receiver you can use several times for several different reasons without any charge!

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