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If you are here because you want to check IMEI status for free then you just make step forward in your requested procedure. Our website provide the possibility for any user to check information about any IMEI number.

Check IMEI Status

The online check IMEI status tool been proven in the past and give a lot of useful information when it comes to mobile phones. This tool offers the possibility to check some mobile phone device that you need to buy. For example if you want to buy some Apple iPhone device then you will want for sure is that device whit iCloud locked screen or not. You will also want to know is it blacklisted or not.

Those information mentioned above in this text can be easily find out whit our online workable tool.

Check IMEI Status For Free

The free version from this check IMEI status tool you may use it online or offline. The online version is very simple but it require a lot of software that you must have on your computer device to work properly.

Depends from your exact computer brand and model you need to own flash player. You need scripts and other tools that you can download right on our website.

The offline version is also very simple but you need to download the installation software firstly and to install it on your PC before using for sure.

Once you decide which one you will use it please follow the steps bellow:

  • Open the check IMEI status tool on your PC,
  • Then enter the IMEI number which status you need to check,
  • Press on the check status button
  • Wait a couple of minutes
  • All information about your cell device will appear on your desktop screen

This is the fast way to check IMEI status online for free for sure!

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