Sending IMEI Number To Someone – Yes Or No

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In many cases, you are in a situation to wonder if sending an IMEI number to someone is OK? Is it necessary for me to reveal my IMEI number? The #*06# technique works on the majority of devices, but it isn’t ubiquitous. Is it a safe process – to send IMEI to someone unknown?

Sending IMEI Number To Someone – Cases

If dialing *#06# on the dial pad yields no results, Wikihow has several more IMEI-getting methods that support other devices as well.

Sending IMEI To Someone Is It Safe

Sending IMEI To Buyers Of Used Phones

If you’re shopping for a phone in the used market (whether or not you plan to bring it to Ting), the best advice we can give is to ask for the IMEI (or ESN or MEID) of anything you’re thinking about buying.
If you inquire nicely and clarify your reason explicitly, any trustworthy seller will supply the IMEI (/ESN/MEID). To put it another way, “hello.” “Send me your IMEI and I’ll probably buy your phone” isn’t nearly the correct tone. Something similar to this will produce better results.

If a vendor refuses, look for another buyer. The sea is teeming with fish. Also, keep in mind the ancient adage: If it appears too good to be true, it most likely is.

Make A Spreadsheet

With your numbers in hand, you’ll need a tool to ensure the phone you’re contemplating is in good working order. The Ting checker is available for free. If you’re planning on bringing a gadget to Ting, make sure you run the numbers first. It’s the only way we can guarantee that a device will

a) work on Ting,

b) is free and clear of any obligations, and, most critically,

c) passes Sprint’s “financial eligibility date” (FED) check.

While there are many checkers available online, ours is the only one we are aware of that checks for the Federal Reserve. A device that has run afoul of Sprint’s FED can’t be activated anyplace until Sprint receives any outstanding payments.

Sending IMEI To Someone

There is no risk in running the figures through a reliable checker. While our own checker is plainly designed to persuade you to visit Ting, it does not make any changes to your device unless you specifically want it. Whether or not you intend to visit our website, you are welcome to use our checker.

Sending IMEI To Sellers Of Used Phones

Some dealers hesitate to disclose an IMEI/ESN/MEID to a potential customer out of worry that it is part of some elaborate ruse. In the end, there are far more lucrative online frauds than defrauding someone of their phone’s unique identifying digits.

With that stated, if you’ve ever sold something online, you’ll know when the fraudster’s red flags start to fly. It’s the same situation here. “Should I give out my IMEI number?” you might be wondering. Personally, if someone gently requested the IMEI (/ESN/MEID) of a device I was selling, I would gladly supply it. However, I would not include the IMEI (/ESN/MEID) in the sale listing itself.

Sending IMEI

It’s entirely up to you whether or not you feel comfortable sharing a device’s IMEI (/ESN/MEID) with a potential buyer on a “need to know” basis. Likewise, if the person decides not to buy from you as a result, that is entirely his or her decision.

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  1. Bongani September 13, 2022 at 5:21 am -

    Hi my name is Bongani I have found a phone I was working on the street and I don’t know the owner of the phone so I want to use the phone but I can’t use it because is blocked on network I need help to change the IMEI number is 860099057115975 phone model is vivo 2026

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