Samsung Tablet Serial Number Lookup Service

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Here you will find much useful information about the Samsung tablet serial number lookup service that will help you understand your device! Do you probably wonder what is the best way to find out how old your tablet is?

Nowadays, everyone has a tablet. They were a tremendous hit when they first came out, and I can see why. The best of all worlds: larger screens than mobile phones and smaller screens than laptops.

It’s a good idea to know the manufacturing date of a tablet whether you received one as a gift or plan to sell the one you already possess. It’s crucial to understand because it has an impact on the selling price and software update options. So, how can you determine the age of your tablet?

The IMEI, serial number, dialer code, and numerous apps can all be used to determine the age of your tablet. Although each brand has its manner of displaying the device’s manufacturing date, there are a few common measures to follow.

Samsung Tablet Serial Number Lookup

On the market, there are numerous brands and manufacturers to choose from. Some are more expensive, while others are of poorer quality. In this article, I’ll provide you with step-by-step directions on how to figure out how old your tablet is, as well as an overview of each manufacturer.

Samsung Tablet Serial Number Lookup

The manufacturing date and the activation date are the two dates linked with your tablet. Samsung is the only tablet manufacturer that discloses an accurate manufacturing date, therefore I’ll show you how to find out.

Many tablet producers do not provide the same level of detail, but the initiation date is critical. People typically activate their gadgets on the same day they purchase them, therefore the age estimate is accurate.

Tablets From Samsung

After iPads, Samsung tablets are one of the most popular. There are four methods for determining the age of your Samsung tablet.

Identifier (serial number)

Every Samsung Galaxy gadget has an eleven-character serial number that is unique. It is made up of both letters and digits. Each character in the serial number represents information about your tablet, and the manufacturing date is one of the pieces of information in the serial number.

On Samsung smartphones, the serial number can be found in the settings. To begin, go to the menu and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Then look for the About tablet area, and when you click on it, you should see the serial number information.

Your tablet’s serial number is also located on the rear. Because the letters are so small, make sure you double-check your device.

Last but not least, your tablet’s serial number is printed on the box. It’s commonly found near the IMEI on the bottom of the box.

We’ll try to decrypt the serial number now that we’ve found it. As I previously stated, each character in the serial number contains some form of data. We can figure out where it was made and when it was made, as well as the precise month and year it was made. I’ll make a little table containing a year’s worth of character correlations.


The product type is represented by the first character in the serial number. If you own a Samsung tablet, the serial number will begin with the letter “R,” which stands for the smartphone-tablet family.

The manufacturer and country where the tablet was built are revealed by the second and third characters. The fourth and fifth letters are the most crucial since they indicate the tablet’s year and month of creation.
It’s similar to having a personal signature that’s different for each gadget.

This table demonstrates how to decode your device’s serial number to determine the month and year of manufacture.

Samsung tablet Serial Number

The IMEI approach is a little more straightforward than the serial number method. To begin, you must first determine your IMEI. It’s on the tablet’s box next to the serial number, or you may look it up in the device’s settings. Simply follow the directions under the Serial Number section.

Once you’ve discovered the IMEI, type it into a website like IMEI check. The website will supply you with the tablet’s manufacturing date as well as a wealth of other information.

Apps For Device Information

Many apps in the Google Play Store might disclose information about your device when installed. When you install the app, you’ll be asked to provide permission, and when you open it, you’ll see a section named Manufactured date.

Samsung Tablet Serial Number Lookup Date Of Activation

This is one of the simplest methods for determining the age of your tablet. Open the Google Play Store settings page by going to Google Play Store. To go to the My Devices section, scroll down. All of the devices that are linked to your Google account, as well as their details, will be displayed. The Registration date, which is the day your device was unboxed, is one of the pieces of information offered.


With the serial number, Apple gives production information. The serial number is on the back of your iPad, at the bottom of the packaging, and in the Settings section under About. Android-like interface.

The serial number is to determine the model of your iPad and the date, but it does not provide precise information. The iPad Mini, for example, was released in late 2012, but the most recent generation was released in 2019.

It’s the same product design, but different generations, thus knowing the differences is crucial for getting the correct information. When you enter your iPad’s serial number on the official Apple support page, it gives you the most precise date of activation. Typically, you activate your tablet on the same day that you purchase it. It is so important to use the Samsung tablet serial number lookup!

Mi Tablet By Xiaomi

For her daughter, a friend of mine purchased a used Xiaomi tablet. The item was touted as brand new and little used, but after using it for a time, it appeared a little sluggish, so we decided to double-check the activation date.

Xiaomi, like other Android devices, uses comparable ways for determining the device’s age. It, like Samsung, relies on the serial number. Once you have the serial number, enter it on Xiaomi’s official support page, which has a serial number database and all of your device’s information.

There is one distinction between Xiaomi tablets and other tablets. The dial pad can provide you with information about your device. To begin, you must first unlock the dial pad. Then dial *#06# and type *#06#. A pop-up notification will appear on your screen, along with the device’s details.

Front Page

Fire Tablet From Amazon

Amazon’s Fire tablets, also known as Kindle Fires, are Android-based tablets that operate on the Fire OS operating system. It looks and functions similarly to conventional Android devices, but the user interface is customized and has a unique style.

An Amazon account is may appear for each Amazon tablet. Amazon did not pay much attention to serial number information on online devices. Your Amazon account has all the information you need about your device.

What Is The Importance Of Knowing The Age Of Your Tablet

Knowing your tablet’s actual age is critical information. You should know the manufacturing date if you ever decide to sell it because it affects the reselling price. Your tablet’s battery weakens over time, so you should know how old it is so you can take proper care of it if you aren’t planning to replace it with a newer model. A battery’s average lifespan is between 4 and 6 years, depending on usage.

You will be unable to use any of your apps if you are unable to receive updates. The device’s lifespan is an important consideration when determining whether or not to buy it.

When purchasing a used gadget, you should be given all relevant information, yet some people refurbish tablets and sell them as brand new when they are not. Serial numbers do not lie, and it is critical to understand how to obtain information about the device to avoid scams or financial loss.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Device Using Samsung Tablet Serial Number Lookup

Unlike mobile phones, people tend to keep their tablets for as long as they’re functional. So, here are some suggestions for extending the life of your tablet.

Tablets, which are larger than mobile phones, are more prone to bending, so hard cases are especially crucial. To avoid scratching and shattering the screen, a tempered glass cover is a wonderful alternative. Maintain a full charge on your tablet and avoid letting the battery expire frequently. For Android tablets, the optimal battery percentage is between 20% and 80%. You should try to charge before the battery drops below 20%.

Make it a practice to close apps you aren’t using. Unless you close an app, it runs in the background. It makes the CPU work twice as hard to keep all of the apps operating smoothly.

Samsung Tablet

Always make sure you have the most recent software and app updates installed. It allows the gadget to run without crashing or freezing. The gadgets do not have to download a large amount of data all at once if they receive regular updates. Everything is dependent on how much is used. A tablet that is used daily and one that is switched off 90% of the time will surely age differently. However, following these suggestions will help your tablet last longer.

Samsung Tablet Serial Number Lookup Final Words

I looked at the most popular tablet brands and their operating systems to see what they have in common and what they don’t. I’ve concluded that Android tablets are essentially the same. The user interface design may differ, yet they both function in the same way.

Because it’s impossible to figure out exact manufacture dates, I was mostly talking about tablet activation dates. Samsung is one of the few companies that includes the date and location of the device’s manufacture.

The Google account may be used to establish the age of Android tablets in the same way, and it is the most accurate method. Samsung gadgets are a little different in that the serial number includes the assembly date. That is the most up-to-date data about a gadget.

The operating systems on Apple and Amazon tablets are different, but the interesting thing is that, despite their differences in software, they share a comparable method of obtaining valuable device information. With Amazon tablets, you get an Amazon account, which allows you to access all of your device’s vital information, while with Apple tablets, you get the Apple Care system. Both are straightforward to do and just take a few steps.

I strongly advise you to use one of these approaches on your tablet to get essential information for the future. Good luck folks! All the best! We hope that you will use this type of service!

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