How To Block Lost iPhone With IMEI Using iCloud

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Answers about how to block lost iPhone with IMEI using iCloud! Having your iPhone stolen is a terrible, heartbreaking, and frustrating experience. Every year, at least 1 million people have their phones stolen, and due to ineffective phone recovery methods, recovering a stolen iPhone is more difficult than you might think, and the chances of retrieving a lost/stolen iPhone are extremely minimal.

How To Block Lost iPhone With IMEI Using iCloud

If you find yourself in this circumstance, you can block your iPhone to protect your data by following the steps below. They will lead you to a workable method on how to block lost iPhones with IMEI using iCloud.

Use Find My iPhone To Locate A Misplaced iPhone

If you have to Find My iPhone turned on, you can use it to track down a lost or stolen iPhone. Find My iPhone helps you to locate a misplaced iPhone, place it in Lost Mode, view its location, delete its data, and keep your personal information safe.

Use the IMEI Number To Block Your Stolen iPhone.

You won’t be able to remotely lock your smartphone with Find My iPhone if you didn’t turn on Find My iPhone while you have it. When it comes to banning the iPhone, though, you can report your smartphone as lost or stolen to your carrier, along with the IMEI number, so that it can be disabled. This will fully disable your device, and no one will be able to access your personal information. Here are some suggestions about what to do thereafter.

Find My iPhone

Steps On How To Block Lost iPhone With IMEI Using iCloud

Follow the steps below in order to block a lost iPhone with IMEI using iCloud settings:

Step 1: Locate your iPhone’s IMEI number. Every iPhone has a unique number inscribed on it called an IMEI (or MEID for some CDMA phones). This number is usually in the phone booth or in the phone’s settings menu. It’s commonly printed above or below the battery on a cell phone. If your iPhone is without a trace, you can try the following locations:

  • If you have your product’s original packaging, you can look up the serial number by scanning the barcode.
  • The serial number for your product is also on the original product receipt or invoice.

Step 2: Contact your local police department to report a lost or stolen iPhone. To report a lost or stolen Apple device, contact your local law enforcement agency. To improve your chances of getting your phone back, you should report it stolen to the police right away (and your carrier). Time is of importance when a mobile phone is without a trace. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to recover your phone.

Block Lost iPhone With IMEI Using iCloud

Step 3: Get in touch with your carrier and provide them with the IMEI number. Your carrier is able to disable your iPhone on the IMEI number if the device is not in your possession anymore.

If the device is reported as lost or stolen, it will be blacklisted, meaning it will no longer be able to use its original network and will not be able to be unlocked to be used on another network, preventing anyone from activating the iPhone. Finally, you’ll be able to prevent a criminal from selling your device to someone else.

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