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In some strange circumstances, we all need free fake name generator service from time to time! I will enumerate some reasons for this strange need.

Fake Name Generator

For example, if you want to log into a forum but you need a fake identity because you don’t want to reveal yourself in front of the community. Making some online addresses can also be stressful for each user on the internet that has several accounts on social networks.

Some of you may have thousand other reasons for using a free fake name generator and the good news are that here you use it for any problem that you have. The generator app that you can get here on this website allow you to have:

  • fake name
  • cell phone number that is also fake
  • fake home phone number
  • fake address
  • birthday
  • fake age and sex

The good about this data that you will get is that is workable for any online claims from any website, store, or social network. The online web place will accept these details of you as real. Below you can learn how you can use the free fake name generator:

Fake Name Generator

The free fake name generator is an app that you need to download from our website in order to install it on your mobile phone or personal computer. From there you can complete the whole process that is explained below in the guidelines:

  • Download the software install program on your device,
  • Then go through the installation procedure by pressing the install button,
  • After that select the country from where you want fake person information,
  • Select birthday date that you want,
  • At the end press the generate button!

Your information will then show up on your computer screen. Recommend our generator to all of your friends and family members if they need this service online!

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