2023 iCloud Activation Lock Removal For Free

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How to complete 2023 iCloud activation lock removal on any iPad, iPhone, and MacBook for free? Apple devices have an internal security feature called activation Lock that protects user data if the device is lost or stolen. However, when Apple devices are utilized by the workforce in enterprises, they must be repurposed, transferred, and used again when employees leave the company. In some situations, activation lock needs to be disregarded or disabled to make device reassignment possible.

2023 iCloud Activation Lock Removal

Fortunately, current mobile device management (MDM) programs can support the removal of activation locks on iOS and macOS devices. This document provides detailed instructions for disabling or getting around the activation lock on MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads.

What Is Activation Lock

By requiring users to enter their Apple passwords when devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs are factory reset, Apple’s activation lock feature improves corporate data security. The Find My iPhone app is available on smartphones running any iOS and includes the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature, sometimes referred to as iCloud Lock. Activation Lock is now accessible in the Find My app, which unifies Find My iPhone with Find My Friends, as of iOS 15 and macOS. Even if the gadget ends up in the wrong hands, this feature makes sure that important information is safeguarded. You can also check our work in the iPhone area!

When Apple devices are lost or stolen, Activation Lock aids in protecting the data that is saved on them. On the following gadgets, it can be enabled:

Apple products such as the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple Watch! Macs running any macOS or later! and Macs equipped with the Apple T2 security chip. Despite being a security measure, activation lock on iPhones and Macbooks sometimes needs to be bypassed. This document explains how to implement a mobile device management solution. A device such as Mobile Device Manager Plus (MDM), can assist with removing the activation lock on an iPhone or a Macbook. In these circumstances without jeopardizing the security of the device.

How To Remove 2023 iCloud Activation Lock

The following are covered in this document:

How can activation lock be enabled? Why is it necessary to complete iCloud activation lock removal in 2023? How is Apple devices’ activation locks removed or circumvented?

2023 iCloud Activation Lock Removal

On MacBooks or iPhones, activation lock can be quickly engaged to secure the devices from theft and illegal access.

  • Depending on the device and OS version, activating Find My iPhone or Find I immediately activate the activation lock.
  • After activating the activation lock, the user’s Apple ID is safely kept on Apple’s activation servers. Then it connects to the matching device.
  • Anyone attempting to disable the activation lock or reactivate the device by doing a factory reset will be prompted for their Apple account login information. As a result, unauthorized users are barred from disabling the activation lock and using the devices’ stored data. The user will need to go into their Apple account to reactivate the device if it is found.
Remove iCloud Lock In 2023

Why Is It Necessary To Complete 2023 iCloud Activation Lock Removal

Although the activation lock seems to help protect personal devices, it presents a problem for corporate devices. For work, several companies give their staff mobile devices. Each business device is connected to a user account for an employee. When an employee leaves the company after setting up Find My on a device and returning it to the IT administrator, a problem occurs.

The prior employee’s account credentials must be entered when the device is reset to transfer it to another employee. The device can only be utilized once the credentials have been input accurately. The device is useless to the organization because it is difficult to get around the activation lock. The activation lock should always be deactivated on corporate devices to solve this issue.

This is not ideal, though, because if the gadgets are stolen or misplaced, they can be used inappropriately. In these circumstances, a way must be provided to disable the activation lock on MacBooks and iOS devices without jeopardizing device security.


How can I complete 2023 iCloud activation lock removal?

In addition to protecting data security, ManageEngine’s Mobile Device Manager Plus (MDM), a powerful mobile device management solution, offers a reliable technique to perform 2023 iCloud activation lock removal. Activation lock must be disabled using MDM, and Apple devices must be supervised. The best option to provide IT, administrators, with more control over company iOS and macOS devices is through supervision.

2023 iCloud Activation Removal iPhones And iPads

MDM offers two ways to monitor and disable the activation lock on gadgets. This method works including iPhones (iOS), iPads (iPad), and MacBooks (macOS). Apple Business Manager (ABM), formerly known as the Device Enrollment Program, and Apple Configurator. Any of the aforementioned procedures for enrolling devices will remove the activation lock. The process makes it impossible for the user to enable it.

How can the MacBook activation lock be removed? Because macOS devices are becoming more common in businesses, it is essential to turn off or circumvent the activation lock on MacBooks before giving them to staff members. Removing the MacBook activation lock with Mobile Device Manager Plus is easier.


The Mac device needs to be supervised using Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. This is a tool identical to ABM for educational organizations, to complete 2023 iCloud activation lock removal using MDM.

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