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IMEI Changer Tool Apk Teach You How To Change IMEI Number For Free

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Online IMEI Changer

Many cell phones out there need some help from the IMEI changer tool apk! Apk that offers the possibility for change the IMEI number to avoid several regulations and blocking things. The software or method needs to complete some prime internal software changes that will remove the old IMEI number from the mobile phone!

The team that worked so hard in the past on this problem found a workable method to break the security lines. They develop their method. Upgrades are made in the past to become universal so any mobile phone user can use it without exception. This final product is available only here on this website for all our readers and customers for free. Let us present you with our masterpiece! Let us present you our IMEI changer tool apk that will make deep changes to your cell phone.

Get a free IMEI changer tool that can help you solve the following question: How to change IMEI number on iPhone or Android phone for free?

Online IMEI Changer

IMEI Changer Tool Apk

Firstly just look into the list below to make sure that our IMEI changer tool apk supports your mobile phone! The tool supports the following procedures:

  • Samsung IMEI change
  • iPhone IMEI change
  • HTC IMEI change
  • Huawei IMEI change
  • Sony IMEI change
  • LG IMEI change
  • Blackberry IMEI change
  • ZTE IMEI change
  • Coolpad IMEI change
  • Alcatel IMEI change
  • Microsoft IMEI change
  • Nokia IMEI change
  • Xiaomi IMEI change
  • Motorola IMEI change
  • Lenovo IMEI change

Those models make up over 95% of all mobile phones in the world so we can say freely that we can change the IMEI number on almost every cell phone device. The IMEI changer cover all cell phones or tablets from the brands pointed out above in this text.

IMEI Changer

How To Change IMEI Number

In this part of this post you will learn how to change the IMEI number on your mobile phone by yourself. To do that you must download our install IMEI changer tool apk software. Take it from our website in the free downloading process to make your PC eligible for the common IMEI changing procedure.

Once you will have the tool on your computer just follow the step-by-step guidelines below:

  1. Open the IMEI changer tool apk service on your working PC.
  2. Connect the cell device which IMEI number you want to change with your computer.
  3. Select all options that you want for your cell phone.
  4. Press the change button at the end!

At the start let’s talk about the prime mission for IMEI change actions. The computer using our IMEI changer tool apk will complete the changing procedure after finishing the fourth step from the guide above. Instead of your old IMEI number, you get a new one which will be delivered to your desktop after the successful change process. Write it from there.

You need to know that this procedure makes a full change to the software that starts up your device. Therefore please notice that all data, pictures, images, files, videos, games, or apps will be deleted permanently. This will give you directions that you need to save the important things before you start the whole IMEI changer-using activities.

IMEI Change

IMEI Changer Tool Apk Secondary Options And Benefits

The main IMEI changer mission can be completed for sure but you need to be careful with it because you can earn more. In the options* that we already mentioned in the guide step number 3 you can also choose:

  • Blacklist delete
  • Bootloader remove
  • Download an antivirus program
  • Download the speed program

You should pay attention to those options too because they are also very important. We recommend you use them all but it’s your right to choose it or not. Along with the IMEI change, you can receive partly changing if you decide to select the Blacklist to delete option. This means that if you are one of those that want to use this method for removing the device from the blacklist then they can keep the old IMEI number. On that device, our IMEI changer will remove the blacklist block only.

The Bootloader removal procedure is available for all users. All that will change their IMEI number and all that will keep it with partly change. If you decide to select this option then at the end of the IMEI changer activities your device will not have a locked Bootloader anymore. Saving money for all of you that will use this benefit to use many apps, and games from the store in the future especially if you are a mobile phone addict! The Bootloader remove option isn’t available for those cell phone models that don’t have this type of protection security!

Bootloader Unlock

The third and the fourth option can improve your cell phone in the future. It will make it more secure and fast. We all want to have a well-protected cell device that is really fast right? So use these two benefits too now when you make a lot of IMEI changes to your old cell phone device.

IMEI Change Bad Sides

Every cell phone user will ask himself about the IMEI changer tool apk bad sides. You all need to know that you ask yourself about something that doesn’t exist. Your mobile phone device with the changed IMEI number is completely clean in front of anyone.

Your device avoids all carrier locks, blacklist lists, blocked lists, or similar restrictions. The new IMEI number will not be input into any network provider carrier database. We want only to give directions to all of our readers that will try to use this IMEI changer tool apk for the wrong purpose. Please don’t steal cell phones and make them yours with IMEI change actions. Use this tool only for your real needs on your cell devices that you own for some time!

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