Universal Unlock iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Tool

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The following methods on this page below are universal unlock iPhone activation lock tools that can help you unlock any iPhone iCloud lock for free! Stay here to learn more about this complicated problem and its possible solution, depending on which Apple device you have in your possession! In this in-depth essay, I outline 5 approaches that so many website visitors have successfully used to unlock their iPhones from the iCloud activation lock.

Unlock iPhone Activation Service

You’ll discover:

  • There are three simple ways that anyone can use an Apple smartphone to unlock iPhone iCloud activation lock.
  • An iCloud iPhone unlock technique that can make your iOS device’s activation lock inoperative.
  • A reliable service that can unlock your phone’s iCloud activation lock.

Universal Unlock iPhone iCloud Activation Lock Methods

The security feature of macOS, iOS, iPad, and watchOS operating Apple’s systems for Mac, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad is the iCloud activation lock. If your Apple device is stolen or misplaced, it is intended to safeguard your data.

As an illustration, it safeguards a stolen iPhone by blocking setup until the owner’s Apple ID password is entered into the gadget. Only the original owner of the iPhone can use it without these security details. The notice “This device is tied to an Apple ID” will appear when the iCloud activation lock has been activated. The Apple ID and password used to set up this device must be entered.


The activation lock notification will still show up during setup even after you perform a factory reset or erase all of the data and settings on your iPhone. The Find My app functions in conjunction with the iCloud activation lock, which is enabled during the iOS device activation. You may find missing gadgets with the aid of the free app Find Me. It aids in locating Macs, iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, and other iOS devices linked to your iCloud ID. On your device, you can download Find My iPhone from the Apple App Store.

Main iCloud Activation Screen

Your device’s location is displayed on a map when you activate Find My iPhone, making it simple for you to locate it. When a new Apple device is set up, Find My iPhone and the iCloud activation lock are both automatically enabled. If you lose your iPhone and want to secure the data on it, this is ideal. It discourages theft but may make it difficult for reputable buyers to set up used equipment. Because they don’t know how to unlock iPhone iCloud activation lock screen, this has caused many customers to become angry, with some even throwing away the iOS devices they purchased.

How To Utilize The DirectUnlocks Service

Compared to other online services, DirectUnllocks completes an unlock iPhone iCloud activation lock in just 1 to 24 hours, which is far quicker. Because they are a UK-based company, the fee is only £19.99 (about USD 25), and it is paid in British pounds.

Permanently unlock iPhone iCloud activation lock is quite simple and necessitates no technical knowledge. A few days after giving them the device’s information, including the IMEI number, it is unlocked. As a result, if you just want the Apple ID to be deleted from your iOS device without any interaction, this makes it the finest iCloud bypass tool.

iPhone iCloud Unlocker

Employ a reputable software program! The most effective iCloud iPhone unlock tool is unlocked, which can iCloud unlock the majority of iOS devices. You can download a free trial of iBypasser‘s software to use before making a purchase. Once you are certain the bypass will function, you purchase a license to “finalize” it. You go through the step-by-step iCloud iPhone unlock procedure after downloading and installing the software on your computer. This entails utilizing a USB cable to link your gadget to your computer.

Once finished, you can check to see if the tool can unlock your device’s iCloud activation lock. Additionally, iBypasser offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, it is simple to ask for a refund if you are displeased with your purchase for any reason.


This universal unlock iPhone iCloud activation lock tool is completely assured, safe, and legal. Overall, it has great features, is efficient, and is simple to use. It is currently the only piece of software I advise using to get rid of Apple ID and activation lock.

Exist any negative aspects? To download, install, and use the tool, you must have a basic understanding of computers. Although it isn’t difficult, employing an unlocking service that takes care of everything for you is simpler.

Your iPhone will be jailbroken by the tool. A jailbroken device is not supported by Apple because doing so violated the company’s policies. However, this is irrelevant because Apple won’t support a device that has an active iCloud lock.

Universal Unlock iPhone Activation Lock

Consult The First Owner

You should ask the previous owner to delete their Apple ID if you bought a used Apple product with a locked iCloud account. They don’t require your device to remove the item because they can do it remotely. Instead, individuals can remove the gadget without actually having it in their possession by logging into their iCloud account through a web browser. If you purchased the Apple product from someone on the other side of the country, this is the best option.

This will turn off the security features of universal unlock iPhone iCloud activation lock and Find My iPhone. If you want to unlock the activation lock for nothing, this is a fantastic option. To delete the device from the iCloud account, the prior owner must carry out the following steps:

  • Start by visiting https://appleid.apple.com.
  • Type in their Apple ID (email address) and password for the account.
  • Go to the Devices section by scrolling down.
  • Decide which iOS device you want to uninstall.
  • Click “Remove from account” in step 5.
  • A confirmation of the removal will be requested. Choose Remove.
  • Complete!

You will be able to set up your used iPhone normally once you remove the activation lock. You won’t ever be prompted for the original owner’s Apple ID again. By following these steps, the original owner can easily unlock iPhone iCloud activation lock screen.

Request Help From Apple

In some cases, Apple support will disable iCloud activation lock. This will remove the device’s Apple ID password. To do it, you must demonstrate:

Unlock iPhone

You can prove that you are the device’s owner by producing your receipt. You have been given ownership.
The next step is for Apple assistance to see if the device has been reported stolen. They won’t assist you if the checks indicate that it has. Apple support places a strong value on security and privacy, therefore unless they are very certain the device is yours, they won’t unlock the iOS device that has been iCloud locked.

Use Hidden DNS Servers To Unlock iPhone iCloud Activation

By employing this DNS server technique, you can get around the iCloud activation lock and restore some functionality to your iPhone. This isn’t the same as deactivating your iCloud account. This method gets around the Apple security mechanism and unlocks iPhone iCloud activation lock by using your WiFi. Therefore, to make this work with your iPhone, you won’t need a SIM card.

The iPhone’s operating system, iOS, won’t be used by you. As demonstrated in the video below, you need a server to deliver all the intelligent features, including Facebook and Instagram. After utilizing this DNS trick to unlock iPhone iCloud activation, you’ll be able to: Watch videos; browse websites; play games; listen to music or the radio. Chat with friends. Obtain professional assistance!

The DNS approach does not unlock Apple ID, so it is not a complete solution, but you do gain some useful functions for free. Additionally, it is preferable to nothing as compared to the alternative, a blocked iPhone.

Unlock iPhone iCloud

Activating The DNS Unlock iPhone iCloud Activation Lock

  1. Start your device.
  2. Continue with the setup until you reach the page that says “Choose WiFi Network.”
  3. Select your WiFi local name by clicking the tiny I next to it.
  4. Click on “Configure DNS.”
  5. Select “Manual.”
  6. Select “+Add Server” and enter one of the values listed. Asia:; Europe:; and the USA:
  7. Click “Back >” in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  8. Select your wireless network.
  9. Enter the Wi-Fi password, then click “Join” in the top right corner.
  10. In an attempt to activate, the phone will switch to a new screen. Don’t let it happen; instead, click the Back button in the upper right to go back to the WiFi login page.
  11. After logging in, the iCloud bypass screen will appear, with something to the effect at the top.

Congratulations, you have successfully performed an iCloud unlock bypass!

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