How To Change IMEI Number On iPhone 11 For Free

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You are probably wondering how to change the IMEI number on your iPhone 11! If you do then this website can help you find the best way to complete this process. We can help you with our tool that you will need to manage manually on your computer. Don’t worry because below you will find full guide step by step that will help you manage the whole process. Only basic skills are required and any iPhone 11 owner can complete the simple process.

iPhone 11

About iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 cell phone is one of the most popular devices. Great way to feel the whole package of great mobile experience no meter do you want to use social networks or play fancy games with great resolutions. The performances of the iPhone 11 are written below:





Operating System



Main Camera

Selfie Camera



150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3 mm

194 g

6.1 inches

828 x 1792 pixels 19.5 : 9 ratio

iOS 13 updradable to iOS 13.4



12 MP

12 MP


Non removable Li-Ion 3110 mAh

The device is great but all fall in the water if you have a problem with its IMEI number. If you fix the IMEI problem than you can enjoy using your device with many advantages.

Change IMEI Number On iPhone 11

In this part, I will explain to you what you need to do to change the IMEI on your iPhone 11. To complete the whole process for free you need to use our change IMEI tool. To get the tool you need to write a comment in the comment section at the bottom of this post. While you leave your request you need to use a valid email address that you use. If you want to enter an older address please check it first. If it is workable use it.

In the email that you will receive from us, you will get the place from where you can get the tool on your computer. You can use any computer with any operative system from MAC, Windows, or Linux. Simply follow the link and get the tool. Once you will get the tool, follow the instructions contained below:

  1. Open the change IMEI software using the new icon that you will get on your desktop,
  2. You will get a notification to connect your iPhone 11 so connect it using a USB cable,
  3. Wait minute – two and once the “change” button at the bottom becomes green click on it.
How To Change IMEI Number On iPhone 11

When you will complete the three steps above your iPhone 11 will replace the old IMEI with a new one. Once the changing process is completed your device will be permanently released from any type of restrictions (carrier or factory).

What You Get

The changing of the IMEI on iPhone 11 will help you complete:

  • Remove the carrier network restrictions about using SIM cards from other network providers. You will make your iPhone 11 from carrier locked to an unlocked device. Once you complete the procedure you can switch your device with any SIM card. For example, if you use Verison services, you can change it with Sprint.
  • Unlock iPhone 11 iCloud account. This process will help you to unblock your device from the iCloud lock that is the most serious problem that you can have with your phone.
  • Remove the device from the blacklist.
  • You will make your device hidden. No one can trace your iPhone 11 if you change its IMEI number.

At the end of the whole changing procedure dial *#06# to check your iPhone’s new IMEI number.

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